Early Voting - July 12th - 27th ELECTION DAY - AUGUST 1ST, 2019



Cheryl's Commitment to District 32

"I imagine a Nashville where access to opportunity and resources is not dependent on your zip code." 


Where every student in Metro Nashville Public Schools has the opportunity to learn in the best schools with passionate, qualified and committed teachers. Closing the opportunity gap must be a top priority. 


When Nashville has a surplus, we should use that money to invest in our communities and schools. This includes targeted job creation programs in communities of color.  


Nashville has some of the greatest disparities of any community for traditionally marginalized communities. From injustice in our criminal justice reform system to educational outcomes -- That has to change. 


District 32 is a unique blend of two communities both urban and rural. We need to ensure that our rural communities, family farmers and small businesses are able to compete in the global markets. 


Transportation connects Nashvillians and creates economic opportunities. Whether by car, bike, scooter or bus, Nashville residents rely on a well-maintained transportation system. We need to invest in a system where our transit and transportation work in tandem to move our city forward and we need both systems to be robust and reliable. 


Nashvillians should feel safe in their communities, regardless of gender, race, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity. 


Finally, every Nashville resident deserves access to affordable, quality childcare. And they deserve to live in a community that allows them to put their children first. This is more than a family challenge -- it's a social and economic issue for our city. 


That's the city I want to help build and that's why I'm running to be your next Metro District 32 Council Member. I invite you to join me. Visit mayesforcouncil.com to donate or volunteer. Follow the campaign across your favorite social media platforms @mayesforcouncil for the latest news and updates. Early voting is July 12th - July 27th and Election Day is August 1st. I hope to earn your vote. Thank you. "